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Romantic Gastown Engagement Session in Vancouver, B.C.

Gastown Engagement Session

Stephanie and Leon wanted urban city backdrops for their engagement session. I mapped out a route in Gastown for our photo walk that aimed to hit all the iconic photogenic backdrops. Google maps said the walk would take 20-minutes. Google maps does not have an option to account for an overly enthusiastic photographer. Scroll down the bottom of the blogpost to see the exact route I had mapped out! Spoiler alert - we didn't even make it to the final destination because I took so long basking in all the photography treasures found in Gastown.

Steph and Leon met during their internship nearly 7 years ago. They confessed their feelings to each other a year later when they realized that the reason why they kept finding excuses to spend so much time together outside of work was because they had fallen for each other.

In the pre-shoot questionnaire, they mentioned that they are both really awkward in front of the camera and it might take a bit of work from me to get their genuine smiles. This was totally not the case during our photoshoot. A natural grin would immediately form on both of their faces every time they caught sight of each other. The genuine love and connection that these two share for each other was one of the easiest things to document!

They both really enjoy eating desserts together, so we stopped by a coffee shop and captured some of the cutest candid shots of them sharing ice cream. I absolutely adore this black and white shot of them through the coffee shop window. I snapped these shots from the outside, came back in, and they were still giggling at each other. They both turned around and Steph said to me, "OMG sorry we totally forgot to pose for you." If this isn't candid photography, folks, I don't know what is.

Towards the end of the photo walk Steph asked if we could recreate the scene from High School Musical 3 where Troy and Gabriella danced on the rooftop. Of course I said, yes!

Steph and Leon - I adore you two, as both individuals and as a couple. This was the sweetest engagement session and I am so excited to document your wedding day!

This was the photowalk route I had mapped out! We didn't make it to Birds & The Beets (we stopped by Monaco cafe instead).


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