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Fancy seeing you here ;)

My name is Anne Nguyen

Word on the street is you're on the hunt for a photographer. 

Anne Nguyen Wedding Photographer smiling and holding a camera in Vancouver, British Columbia

My pronouns are "she/her", my last name is pronounced "Noo-yen", and I am a couples and wedding photographer based in Vancouver, BC. People often refer to me as the overly-friendly girl that shares a little too much (TMI is my middle name). I wear my heart on my sleeve. My grins are usually so wide you can see all my teeth and I cry way too hard during heartfelt moments in rom-coms and sitcoms.


I am obsessed with scented candles, double-doubles from Tim Horton’s (that’s the Canadian in me, eh), and my two fur babies, Hiro and Juniper. And obviously I am obsessed with taking photos of people that are so in love they do crazy things like... oh, I don't know.. vow to spend the rest of their lives together. I'm pointing my fingers right AT YOU, you silly lovebirds. 

My passion for photography is genetic.. 

My dad was a wedding photographer - I was always playing around with his film camera 

Anne Nguyen's dad on a flight from Malaysia to Canda in 1985

My dad learned photography and how to develop film during his time at a refugee camp in Malaysia in the 1980's.  When he arrived in Canada, he bought his first professional Nikon film camera and did wedding photography for a few years. 

My parents were both immigrants from Vietnam. Growing up, we didn't have a lot but there was no shortage of love. The quiet and resilient love that I witnessed between my parents played a huge role in shaping the values I hold as an adult, and probably explains why I am such a sucker for love stories and happily-ever-afters

My dad in 1985 on the flight from Malaysia to Canada 

Vintage photography of newlyweds holding hands in Alberta

My mom and my dad as newlyweds in Alberta

Even though my dad stopped shooting weddings, he continued to take and develop film photos throughout my childhood. I have memories of posing for pictures and watching him develop film in his darkroom. 

Photography is so important to me because of how fundamental it has been in preserving memories from my childhood and also my parents' journey before I entered the picture. It also is one of the few things that my dad and I have in common and bond over. He is the reason why I bought a Nikon camera when I first got into photography (and still shoot with today).

Old picture of Anne Nguyen as a toddler carrying a roll of film

Notice my dad's roll of film that I always carried around when I was little. 

Old picture of Anne Nguyen as a toddler carrying a roll of film

Why I love Photographing Weddings

Your wedding photography may be one of the most important investments you make in your whole life. Not only will the photos take you back to the emotions you felt on your wedding day, they will also be the very first of your heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Vintage Wedding Photograph of bride and groom
Vintage Wedding Photograph of bride and groom signing wedding contract

My parents' wedding photos inspire me to be the best wedding photographer I can be. To me, being chosen to document a couple's wedding is a huge honour. I am being trusted to capture these special moments as they unfold, and I have the ability to immortalize the very first moments of beautiful marriages.

Vintage Wedding Photograph of bride and groom

My Approach to Wedding Photography

Anne Nguyen taking photos for a surprise engagement propsal in Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, British Columbia
A selfie of Anne Nguyen and engaged couple
Anne Nguyen posing with her friends who got married
Anne Nguyen with bride for a wedding photoshoot in Hart House, Burnaby, British Columbia

Doing An Engagement Session Before Your Wedding is a Soft Requirement  

engaged couple holding each other for an engagement photoshoot in vancouver british columbia
groom kissing bride during a summer wedding in Hart House, Burnaby, British Columbia

You will be surrounded by all the people that know you and love you on your wedding day. My role as a photographer on your wedding day is a delicate one - I'm not just another vendor because I'll be spending the most time with you during some of the most intimate moments of your wedding day (e.g. getting ready, first look). I do my best to arrive on your wedding day as a trusted friend, not a vendor. All photo packages either have a discount code or a complimentary engagement session because this is where I get to meet you, work with you, and learn about you and what you care about most. 

How I Approach The Wedding Day

Anne Nguyen taking wedding photos for a summer wedding in Hart House Burnaby British Columbia

I work with everything that you give me. When your wedding planner sends me a 12-page excel sheet, I will study it and create another excel sheet for myself. As soon as you give me your list of group portrait combinations, I study that, too. I do my best to come to your wedding as prepared as possible. It's especially important to me to learn all of your immediate family and wedding party's names so that when it comes family portrait time, I am READY.

My Editing Style

I don't believe in trendy edits because I don't think these will stand the test of time. My photos are described as light, airy, and candid. My editing style can be described as minimal and as close to real-life as possible while still containing elements that make your gallery have a majestic and fairy-tale feel.

Anne Nguyen taking photographs in Vancouver British Columbia

It's my job to create a safe space for you to be you.

The secret behind heartfelt, real, and candid photography is a whole lotta trust.

Anne Nguyen taking photographs in Vancouver British Columbia


To create an environment where you can be YOURSELF, and capture images that bring you back to this season of your life

Core values behind my photography business

"Picture perfect" means something different to everyone.
Here's what it means to me.

NO. 1

NO. 2

NO. 3

I chase the smile you share when your heart feels joy. I do everything in my power to capture your genuine smile. I will ask you to whisper the strangest things into your partner's ear if that's what it takes to get a real good laugh out of the both of you.

I want my photographs to portray honesty and authenticity. I believe this happens when people feel safe, seen, and heard - whether that be in front of the camera or face-to-face.  I value inclusivity and strive to implement this at every step of my process. 

When we reach the end of your photo session, I want you to walk away feeling like you just hung out with a good friend. Photography is a form of connection, after all. Even if we never see each other again, we still made a connection during those moments that we spent together.

Anne Nguyen taking photographs in Vancouver British Columbia

I’m a complete sucker for
love stories,
deep philosophical conversations,
& happily-ever-afters.


If we have any of these in common, we'll be even faster friends

(there's a 99% chance we'll already be fast friends. You're here because you care about photography)

  1. I am an ENFJ-T

  2. I am obsessed with my two fur babies, Hiro and Juniper

  3. The way to my heart is banh mi

  4. Friends is my favourite TV show

  5. I am a Libra

  6. I am a Hufflepuff

  7. I will judge you if you believe pineapple belongs on pizza​

Anne Nguyen holding her two puppies in Vancouver British Columbia
Anne Nguyen holding her two puppies in Vancouver British Columbia

I'd do photography for free - that's how much I love it. 

but your girl has bills to pay and student loans to take care of

But that's how starstruck I feel about documenting someone's piece of life.  

I live in Surrey with my partner from college and our two little furbabies Hiro and Juniper. My partner and I spend any free time together oggling at our doggos and are super proud that we've raised such cuddle-obsessed creatures (yes, we take credit for their love of cuddles). But listen, I'd sacrifice some cuddle time with them to work with someone like you. 

So how about it?

Let's go grab a Timmie's and talk about life - starting with the chapter that you want me to document.

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