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Picture Perfect Pups: Top Tips to Prepare for a Photoshoot with Your Beloved Canine Companion

Photo of a couple and their dog in Vancouver, B.C.

It's no secret that I am a dog lover. Just have a peep at my website and instagram and you'll see countless photos of my dogs Hiro and Juniper. So if you have a dog that you want to bring along and include in your photoshoot with your significant other, I AM ALL IN.

Here are some things to think about to help you prepare for your photoshoot with furry friend and the love of your life!


You’ll want to choose a place where your dog feels comfortable and where there are not too many distractions. A quiet park or beach may be a good option. Also, make sure that the location is dog-friendly and that you are allowed to bring your furry friend with you!


It’s important to coordinate your outfits with your partner and your dog. You don’t want to be wearing clashing colours or patterns that will distract from the overall look of the photo. You can also consider dressing up your dog in a cute outfit or accessory, but make sure that it’s comfortable for them to wear.

A dog in front of cherry blossom tree
Photo of a dog with a bowtie

What to bring:

Bringing some treats and toys for your dog can help keep them entertained and focused during the photoshoot. You can use the treats to reward good behaviour and the toys to keep them occupied while you’re taking photos. On this shoot, Boba’s parents brought along his favourite toys (that squeak, which really helped in getting him to look at the camera), and also a few of his favourite treats.

Before the shoot:

If the shoot is happening close to your dog’s mealtime, make sure to feed them beforehand! Dogs can also get hangry, just like us! It also helps to give them a short walk if they have a lot of energy so that they will be more calm during the shoot. If your dog has been prescribed with calming meds, give them one before the shoot! My little guy Hiro is an anxious and easily stimulated dog. Our vet prescribed him some calming meds that really help with exciting events like visits to the vet or groomers. A photoshoot with a new photographer in a new environment definitely qualifies as an exciting event!

A romantic portrait in front of cherry blossom trees


If possible, try to plan for your dog to have their grooming appointment a few weeks before your photoshoot date so that they will appear more neat, polished, and clean in the photos! My dogs get groomed every 8-10 weeks. Their fur is at the most photogenic length around 6 weeks after their last visit.

Bring along a friend:

A photoshoot typically lasts ~1-1.5 hours. Your dog doesn’t have to be in all of the photos! It’s a great idea to bring along a friend that can help take care of your dog while you and your partner pose for some portraits of just you two.

Tell your photographer about your dog's preferences.

Every dog has their own individual personality. Tell your photographer a bit about your dog's personality before the shoot. For example, if I were to do a photoshoot with my dogs, I would tell the photographer that Juniper is super friendly and Hiro is a bit feisty at first. I would also tell them about Hiro's triggers.

A candid photo of a couple sitting on a park bench with their dog
A candid photo of a couple sitting on a park bench with their dog

Be patient and flexible:

Remember that dogs can be unpredictable and may not always cooperate during the photoshoot. Be patient and flexible, and be prepared to take breaks or try different poses if needed. Also, don’t be afraid to incorporate your dog’s natural behaviour into the photos – these candid moments can often be the most memorable and authentic.

Boba was such a good boy during this shoot! You can see even more of Boba on his instagram: Thanks to J&L for entering my giveaway!

A romantic portrait of a couple under a cherry blossom tree in Vancouver, B.C.
A romantic portrait of a couple under a cherry blossom tree in Vancouver, B.C.


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