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Golden Ears Provincial Park Engagement Photos - Maple Ridge, B.C.

golden ears provincial park engagement photos

Michaela and Chad wanted the backdrop of their engagement photoshoot to be filled with nature - mountains, water, and trees. What better place to go than Golden Ears? We started off at Golden Creek. The water and the rocks in the background made for gorgeous scenery.

I think Chad did a pretty good job of selecting Michaela's ring, don't you think? It's such a classic piece and looks so elegant on Michaela's hand!

After snapping a few pictures here, they changed into their second outfit and we made the trek towards Alouette Lake. Along the way, we stopped for some pictures with the tall and breathtaking trees. Because the sun was going down, we had to be mindful of the time. If I had it my way, I would have stayed in those trees for much longer. But we wanted to catch the sunset at Alouette Lake. So we quickly snapped a few photos and continued our trek.

It’s during the trek to and from Alouette Lake that I got to learn more about M & C’s love story. And my goodness, what a cute love story they share. The beginning of forever all started among the quiet stacks of books at various libraries on UBC campus. They met through mutual friends in first year of undergrad. Chad, having completed Math 101, was more than eager to provide help to Michaela. As they studied together for math and biology, their feelings started to grow and grow until finally one day Chad made the first move. They have been inseparable since.

In their pre-shoot questionnaire, one of the only requests that they had in terms of shot requests was "frolicking by the water shots".

And boy, frolic we did.

Chad likes to run and bike ridiculously long distances. Michaela also runs and bikes, but shorter distances. They actually tried to bike around a 71km route together through Japanese islands near Hiroshima and hope to go back to finish it someday!

M & C were amazing to photograph. They’ve done this a few times, so it was so natural for them to follow my posing instructions. Every time I instructed Michaela towards a different pose, she would giggle softly before doing it and it was SO adorable.

Kind words from the couple:

Anne went above and beyond to make sure we got the best photos. She really tried to get to know what we wanted out of the day starting off with a questionnaire even before meeting up. She was fun to work with and provided a lot of energy. We are very satisfied with how the photos turned out and we are excited to use them for the wedding! We would definitely recommend Anne to my family and friends!

Dearest Michaela and Chad,

Thank you for taking me on this adventure, and for trusting me while you were all gushy gushy for the photos. I am so excited to capture your wedding day this spring! Your futures are so so bright and I can’t wait to follow along.


Your Photographer Anne


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