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Cozy In-Home Engagement Photo Session

Photo of a couple kissing in the kitchen.

Imagine this:

A candle is lit, you’ve just poured yourself a cup of tea and your favourite songs are playing in the background. You couldn’t care less about what’s going on with the rest of the world because you’re with the love of your life in the space that makes you feel safe.

And then there’s your photographer, capturing all of this.

That sets the scene for this cozy in-home photoshoot for Suma and Nikhil. The atmosphere couldn’t have been more perfect. I’m sitting here writing this blog post a week later and I can still feel the warmth and love of being in their home, surrounded by their love for each other.

Photo of a couple drinking tea.

Photo of a man kissing a woman's cheek.

Suma is one of my best friends, and having the blessing to witness and document the love between her and her forever person is one of the best things that has happened to me as a photographer. We’ve been by each others’ side through good and through bad. To see her so happy and in love with Nikhil makes my heart sing.

Suma wanted her engagement photos to represent her and Nikhil. Photos from their proposal a couple years ago show a day that was surrounded by her closest family and friends. For this engagement session, she wanted a gallery that would showcase the intimate love between her and Nikhil. When I asked them to describe their relationship in one word, Nikhil answered “openminded” and Suma answered “warm” - I felt both of these things (and so much more) while taking pictures of them.

Photo of a couple about to kiss.

Photo of a couple embracing.

There is something so intimate about having photos done in your home. There are so many benefits of doing an indoor shoot with your partner - you can do it at any time of the day, any time of the year, you don’t have to leave your own house, and most importantly, you’re in an environment where you are most comfortable! You also use these photos to create an album that one day your kids can look back on and they can see your home before they were brought into the world. This is what we are in the process of doing for Suma and Nikhil!

Photo of a couple in the living room.

Although I adore every picture in this gallery, my favourites the ones that were taken in the bedroom. This was towards the end of the shoot - the music on my wireless speakers was still playing, and we were really getting into the groove of the session. My creativity was swirling as I saw all the photo opportunities in her beautiful bedroom.

Photos of a couple in the bedroom.

Suma just got her first camera and we used that as a prop for this photo!

Photo of a man taking a picture of his partner.

I asked them to lie on the ground and they both enthusiastically said, "yes!". 100% my kind of couple.

Creative, editorial-styled photos of a couple.

We ended the session with a tickle-fight, naturally.

Kind words from the couple

As someone who is camera shy, shooting my engagement photos was a fear that had been on my mind since my partner and I got engaged. Anne was an absolute gem who took my fears to heart and worked with me to ease my tension throughout the shoot. Instead of having a photoshoot for my engagement, she made me feel like I was just spending time with my partner.
Anne understood that I wanted the pictures to be more on the candid side, and she posed us in a way that kept to that. My partner and I were floored when we saw the end result! It was so much more beautiful than we had imagined and we'll cherish these photos forever. Thank you, Anne!

Dearest Suma and Nikhil,

Shooting your engagement photos was the best way to kick off 2023. The love between you two strongly reinforced my "why" in being a wedding/couples photographer. You two embody my ideal client. I cannot wait to document your wedding day.

Love your photographer,



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