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Catholic Church Wedding Ceremony at Our Lady of Mercy Parish, Burnaby B.C.

Bride and groom veil photo
Bride and groom veil photo

It feels like just yesterday we were frolicking along the water at Alouette lake and amongst the tall trees in Golden Ears. Michaela & Chad had their church ceremony on a warm, sunny afternoon in May.

I wish I could bottle the anticipatory feeling of waiting for the bride & groom to come down the aisle; it's such a sweet moment.

The exchange of vows and rings was followed by the veil, cord, and coin ceremony. This ceremony is a traditional and meaningful part of Filipino wedding customs. This ceremony holds great significance as it symbolizes the union of two individuals and their families.

The veil represents the cloth that covers the couple, symbolizing their unity and protection from the challenges they may face in married life. The cord, usually made of silk or flowers, is looped around the couple's shoulders, signifying the bond and strength that will keep them together as they embark on their journey as a married couple. Lastly, the coins, known as arrhae, are blessed and exchanged between the couple as a representation of their commitment to supporting and providing for one another. This ritual emphasizes the importance of mutual love, trust, and shared responsibility in their future life together. The Filipino veil, cord, and coin ceremony not only add cultural richness to the wedding celebration but also serve as a beautiful reminder of the couple's commitment to each other and their shared values.

Michaela and Chad's grins grew even wider after they officially signed their papers and the priest announced them as "Mr. & Mrs." to their family and friends.

Also, look at how giddy Chad's parents were frolicking down the aisle to embrace their son and new daughter-in-law!

After group portraits in the church, I had a few moments alone with the new husband and wife to take some romantic portraits just outside the church.

Congratulations to Michaela and Chad! It was my honour and greatest privilege to capture this beautiful couple's wedding ceremony. I can't wait to watch the rest of your story unfold - your lives together is JUST officially beginning.


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