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Intimate Summer Backyard Wedding in Mission, B.C.

M&B's backyard wedding contained all the elements that I absolutely adore as a wedding photographer: simplicity, intimacy, and elegance. Surrounded by family and friends, their wedding was a day filled with love, laughter, and the natural beauty of the great outdoors.

Unique elements of their wedding day, in order of appearance:

Getting Ready

  • M and B got ready at the same location and staggered their time with their photographer (me). This ensured that both of them had getting ready photos even with just one photographer.

  • B had his twin sister be a part of his getting ready photos. She gifted him custom Mario and Princess Peach cuff links - how cute is that!?

  • M did a reveal with all of her closest friends and family. Their reaction made for such a precious photo.

  • M did a daddy-daughter first look as well!

First Look, Private Vows, and Bride & Groom Portraits

  • M and B exchanged private vows at the location of their first look/portraits, which occurred in private in a gorgeous creek near their home.

  • Having a first look and reading your vows privately to each other adds such an intimate element to your day, since the rest of your wedding day will be surrounded by your family and friends.


  • I just have to reiterate how much I adore photographing backyard weddings. The intimate vibes that come along with a backyard wedding are tough to beat.

  • The colours of M & B's wedding are purple and white.

  • After they exchanged their vows, they locked them up in a box that will be opened years later on their wedding anniversary. How special is that!?

  • The guests were given bubbles for their grand exit, which made for very cute photos!


  • Another huge benefit of having a backyard wedding is that everything happens in one place.

  • The bride did all the decorations herself. The tea pots used as vases for the florals at each table are so elegant and classy.

  • B's sister (and now M's sister-in-law) decorated the wedding cake herself. M&B saw their wedding cake for the first time when it was brought out to them during the reception. Their reaction to the cake was priceless!

I absolutely adore intimate weddings, so naturally backyard weddings are one of my favourites to photograph! If you are planning a backyard wedding, please don't hesitate to reach out for additional tips and guidance on how to make the most of your wedding photography!!


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