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Queen Elizabeth Park & Sasamat Trail Engagement Session, Vancouver, B.C.

N & C reached out to me earlier this year to schedule this engagement session for the spring. Even though our original plan to catch the Vancouver cherry blossoms didn't quite work out (the rain, our schedules, the short-lived blossoms), this session magnificently features the beauty of Vancouver, British Columbia.

N & C wanted photos in two locations with two outfits. We started off at the Sasamat Trail in comfy and casual clothes. We didn't need to walk far from the start of the trail at all before we arrived at this gorgeous background with nothing but tall trees with the golden sunlight peeking through.

After capturing a good variety of portraits in the forest, N & C changed into their dressed up outfits and we headed to Queen Elizabeth Park. It was getting closer to golden hour as we took pictures at different areas within the park.


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