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Pitt Lake Fall Engagement Session - Pitt Meadows, BC

pitt lake pitt meadows engagement photo

Kiran and Navi have their pre-engagement event in about two weeks and wanted their photos to be fun and full of laughter. They wanted to shoot at a location with a lot of nature, and decided to go with Pitt Lake at Pitt Meadows. They also requested the photos to have a fall vibe and showed up in the cutest fall-themed matching outfits - every photographer’s dream! Two seconds into shooting and I knew that this shoot would be one of the easiest shoots. Kiran and Navi had such an easy-going vibe. They were both laughing and smiling the entire time!

About the couple: Navi asked Kiran on their first date and was pretty confident (because he had a really good profile picture) that she would say yes. Spoiler alert: she did say yes. 2 years later they are preparing for their pre-engagement. They both like ice cream and want to have at least 5 children together. He loves nature. She’s allergic to grass. Navi has been working on warming Kiran up to the idea of one day going camping with him. Kiran is perfectly happy foregoing the experience of sleeping in a tent. I hate to break it to you girl, but the chances of you going camping increased exponentially as soon as you say “yes” to spending the rest of your life with this man.

Kind words from the couple upon gallery delivery:

OMG these pictures are amazing!!! Thank you so much, you did such a great job with these. Literally amazed us and especially with the gif haha. I’m obsessed with each and every picture. You went above and beyond. Thank you so much! Let us know if there is a place we can give a review! We will definitely be reaching out to you once again!

It was truly a joy capturing the love between you two. You made my job so incredibly easy. Thank you for being so open to learning the poses, and for coming up with suggestions too! Thank you for choosing me as your photographer. All the best with your engagement and wedding. I hope we will cross paths one day again!

Your photographer,



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