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My best friend's multi-day Indian destination wedding: I was her wedding photographer and her bridesmaid

Traditional South Indian Wedding Photographer
South Indian Wedding

One of the most exciting things that happened so far in my photography career is having the honour to both be a bridesmaid and the photographer for my best friend’s wedding. If that didn’t evoke significant amounts of anxiety, sprinkle in the fact that this was a multi-day, Indian wedding in Orlando, Florida, too. Yes, my best friend moved from Vancouver, B.C. to Florida. Yes, my best friend had a multi-day, multi-event Indian wedding. And yes, I flew all the way there to both be her bridesmaid and to photograph her wedding. Challenging? Yes. Would I do it again? 1000 times yes.

At first, I was hesitant to take on this role, especially when I received many hesitant “oh wow you’re a bridesmaid AND a photographer?” reactions from my fellow wedding photographer friends. But I knew that this is what I wanted to do for my best friend. Through this experience, I got to be by her side throughout every single moment of her wedding, and watch every moment unfold through my camera lens. I spent a week fully immersed in their beautiful culture, with their family and closest friends. Suma and Nikhil, I love you both so dearly. Thank you for putting your trust in me and for welcoming me with open arms into your home and the beginning of your marriage.


I couldn’t have done this without the lovely Mitra from Eclectic Elegance Photography. Thank you for being the best second/associate shooter for the Wedding and Reception!  

Day 01 - Haldi Ceremony | Tampa, Florida

Day 02 - Welcome Night Orlando, Florida

Photographer: @anniochanphotography

Videographer: @nickflicksfilms

Planner & Day of Coordinator: @bigguavaevents

Venue & Catering: @thecelesteorlando

Decor & Florist: @nipeventsanddesign

DJ: @awaazentertainment @iamdipmode

HMUA: @beautymarkedfl

Dance Floor Rental: @stagesplus

Day 03 - Wedding & Reception Orlando, Florida