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Black and White shot of groom holding bride at Fraser River Lodge, Agassiz, British Columbia

"Once in a lifetime" is now.

Wedding Photographer in Vancouver, British Columbia

Wedding Photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia

Couple Engagement Shoot in Vancouver during Cherry Blossom Season UBC, Vancouver, British Columbia

Let me tell you a trade secret....

Photos that you can't stop staring at depend on one thing. 

It's not the venue or location..
It's not the hair, make-up, or outfit..
Frankly, it's not even the technical aspects of photography..

It all depends on how you feel right before the shutter clicks.

In a world where our attention-span has whittled down to 36.4 seconds thanks to TikTok, it's more important now than ever to invest in timeless imagery that capture the emotions, the essence, and the memories of this stage in your life.

Photos that you take with your phone will end up lost somewhere on a hard-drive in your storage. Photos that transport you back to a moment in time and elicit those exact feelings you felt - those are the photos that are cherished and get printed.  

Surprise Wedding Proposal in Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, British Columbia
Groom in tears with bride during their summer wedding in Hart House, Burnaby, British Columbia

Hi! I'm Anne Nguyen

Anne Nguyen Wedding Photographer in Vancouver British Columbia

Anniochan [ahn-ee-oh-chahn]

"Chan" is a Japanese honorific that is used to refer to women you're close with or fond of.


I've been told that working with me feels like hanging out with a good friend. And that's my goal - to be your friend behind the lens. My highest priority for every project that I work on is to cultivate a safe space. I believe that the best photos come from an environment where there is mutual trust and confidence between myself and my subject. It means the absolute world to me when you choose me as your photographer, and I don’t take it lightly! I only accept a limited number of projects and weddings each year to ensure each one of my clients feels taken care of, seen, and respected.

  1. I’ll send you tips and resources to help you prepare.

  2. I’ll guide you through poses if you’re nervous during your photo session. 

  3. I’ll edit your photos as soon as I get home so a sneak peek is in your inbox before the high from your photo session has subsided.

My Portfolio


Candid black and white shot of bride crying during her summer wedding at Hart House, Burnaby, British Columbia

Imagery that takes you back to that feeling.

G&C, Engagement and Tea Ceremony

“THANK YOU so much for the photos! They look absolutely amazing. More than just the moments and the day, we loved the emotions and reactions you captured. The day went by so quickly and it's great being able to look back and remember moments that we had forgotten given the chaos of the day. We can't thank you enough. This weekend and over the next week we're going to have viewing sessions with the families, and we're so excited to show them. We're also going to print a few with us to take to Hong Kong for Christine's grandparents, and we're so excited to share them with everyone."

Vancouver Wedding Photographer-34.webp

P & J , Engagement and Wedding

"If I could give Anne 10 stars, I would!! Our engagement photos that Anne took were so cute that we had to hire her as our wedding photographer! Anne was incredibly fun and wonderful to work with both as an engagement and wedding photographer. She made us feel very comfortable during our photoshoots which made taking photos feel so natural. Anne puts in a tremendous amount of effort to really get to know her clients before their special day. We went over all of the detailed shots we wanted from getting ready photos and our first look all the way to the end of the night when we invited everyone to join us on the dance floor. She provided us with a sneak peak album the next morning which made us so excited for the rest of the photos! We couldn’t be more happy with the results and will surely be working with Anne in the future for all our other special life events."

Suma_Nikhil_Wedding Day_First Look-Portraits-33.webp

Newest on the blog

One of the most exciting things that happened so far in my photography career is having the honour to both be a bridesmaid and the photographer for my best friend’s wedding. If that didn’t evoke significant amounts of anxiety, sprinkle in the fact that this was a multi-day, Indian wedding in Orlando, Florida, too. Yes, my best friend moved from Vancouver, B.C. to Florida. Yes, my best friend had a multi-day, multi-event Indian wedding. And yes, I flew all the way there to both be her bridesmaid and to photograph her wedding. Challenging? Yes. Would I do it again? 1000 times yes.

black and white shot of groom and bride holding each other during summer wedding in Hart House, Burnaby British Colubmia

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