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Surprise Proposal at Tower Beach, Vancouver, B.C.

Adrienne reached out to me at the end of July telling me their plans to propose to their partner, Shy. I was ecstatic! From then on, we were in constant communication discussing location, set-up, decor, mood boards, vibes.. EVERYTHING. We went location scouting together and chose a secluded patch of sand on Tower Beach. I recommended that Adrienne invite a good friend to be help with the proposal. They asked Tarras to be a part of the scheme. We set the time, sent the pin drop for the location, and finalized the plan.

On the day, Tarras and I headed down to Tower Beach earlier to set everything up according to Adrienne’s pictures. Adrienne shared their location and notified us when they were close by. We lit the candles, ran into hiding, and waited.

My heart was racing in my chest the entire time we were hiding. I was so excited and was already getting so emotional. When they got on their knee and started reading their riddle, I started tearing up and photographing. It was a very emotional time. Tarras was also crying next to me. Shy was also crying. I don’t remember seeing Adrienne cry but I'm pretty sure they were.

I stood back and gave them both space to take in the moment and quietly photographed away.

Did I mention they had their dog, Mouse with them?! She was so gentle and well-behaved. I wonder if she could sense all the love and emotion in the air!

Adrienne and Shy popped the champagne near the water.

They headed back to the romantic picnic setting to enjoy their champagne and admire Shy's ring. Adrienne had told me that they wanted the photoshoot to be filled with more candid poses. That was super easy to do when Adrienne and Shy were full of love and joy! All I had to do was stand back and let them be them!

After a little bit of more crying and hugging, I asked Shy and Adrienne to do a few simple poses. Tarras and I then left the two newly engaged humans to enjoy the sunset together.

Kind words from the couple:

Anne was just phenomenal to work with for my surprise proposal photoshoot! Throughout the process, which took several months of planning and coordination, Anne was communicative, friendly, flexible, and a joy to be around. Her enthusiasm and cheer made it feel like we’d known each other forever. I appreciated the time we spent scoping out potential spots and her consideration for lighting and mood.
On the day of the proposal, I trusted her completely to capture the moment. She gave my partner and I space to be candid, but also directed us towards shots that turned out to be some of our favourites. As a queer and trans couple we felt very safe around Anne, and felt seen, heard and celebrated.
She sent my partner and I the gallery way sooner than we anticipated, and we couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out!
I’d recommend Anne to anyone looking for a photographer on a special occasion, and would absolutely work with her again!

I am so honoured that you chose me as your photographer to capture this super special day, Adrienne. It was such an emotional day and I am reliving all of it as I write this blog post. I know it must have been a lot to see me jump out from hiding and be a part of your day, Shy, so I thank you for allowing me to capture these photos. The love between the two of you is so magical - it radiates so brightly through lens. I wish you nothing but the best in your bright bright futures.

Love your photographer,



Location: Tower Beach, Vancouver B.C.


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