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Golden Hour Engagement Session at Ambleside Beach, West Vancouver, B.C.

Couple walking along beach at Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver, .C.

I still can't believe how scenery like this is a mere car ride away in this beautiful city I live in. C & G chose to do their engagement session at Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver. This is my first time shooting here and I will definitely be coming back. The water, the sunshine, the sand, the buildings in the background.. complete perfection.

It's an incredible idea to try out your wedding make-up at your engagement session, which is what C chose to do! C also showed up with two different outfits - a floral purple dress and a white one!

C & G really are one of the sweetest couples with some of the brightest smiles I've ever seen.

After they got into their second outfit, I asked for them to show me some of the dance moves they've been practicing for their wedding. Not only are the moves basically perfection, they also got some genuine laughter out of both of them!

The sun started to set and the golden glow was unbelievable.

We ended off the session with some chasing and frolicking right next to the water with the sun going down behind them.


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